• Eric Sprott--Sought after natural resources investor and entrepreneur.
  • David Goggins--Mental Toughness/Motivation/Overcoming Adversity.
  • Rob McEwen (Pending)--McEwen Mining.

Presenting Companies:
(List will be updated weekly starting in September.)

  • Cornerstone Metals
  • McEwen Mining
  • Canada Cobalt Works
  • Metallis Resources
  • Gungnir Resources
  • Nevada Copper
  • Giga Metals
  • Southern Silver
  • Fission Uranium
  • Ely Gold
  • Medallion Resources
  • Bravada Gold
  • Hilltop Cybersecurity
(several pending)

Agnostic Topics/Speakers:

  • Mike Beck--Battery Metals Overview.
  • Andy Summers--Summers Value Fund/Opportunities in Healthcare.
  • Pat Combs-Flippen Group--Leadership coaching, optimal human performance, and personal/organizational growth accelerator (Tom Brady and many corporate and professional sports franchises as clients).
  • Anthony Diclementi--Biohacking Secrets-Science-based strategies to unlock all-day energy and brainpower.
  • Jaime Guiterrez--Disrupting skincare with CBD-Pre IPO opportunity

A number of pending speakers touching on gold history, technical updates on commodity prices, meditation and investing, macro economic outlook, and crypto/blockchain. To be announced soon!